SP2010 List View and CAML : Part 2

In Part 2; I will discuss about little complex scenario.

Let’s take an example that we have a Task List. Each task is assigned to an employee by “Assigned To” field. Each task has a DueDate set on it.

Now we need to make a view that only managers can view. This view should show all tasks those have their due date more than past 7 days.

By this view Manager can find all employees who have not completed their tasks. 😉

Hope That helps..!!

And your view will look like this:

SharePoint 2010 List View by content type

You can filter your list view by content type.

This is very simple.

1) Open your view settings-> Filter option

2)  select ‘Show items only when the following is true’.

3)  In condition: Select Column = “Content Type” Operator = “is equal to” and type your contentTypeName (in value text field) .

That’s it. Your List view is now filtered by content type.

Hope this helps.