Error : BCS service is not associated with web application


I was trying to create external content type using SharePoint Designer and got error message after installation of beta 2 and can not create external content type using SPD.



1)   Start BCS service on server farm if it is stopped. [SharePoint Central Administration -> Services on Server]

2)   Now you will need to create BCS service for your web application.

[SharePoint Central Administration -> Application Management -> Manage Service Application -> Create New BCS Service.]

3)       Now check it through SharePoint Designer, It should work.

Hope this will help.

want to see actual error message in SharePoint Site

If you are a developer you would need to see proper error message in SharePoint site. So open your web.config file. Now set <customErrors mode=”On” /> to mode=”Off”. [ Check < SafeMode … CallStack=”true”> , compile=”true” and debug=”true” to enable Visual Studio (2010 beta) debugging .]

Perfect. Now you should be able to see exact error message.

Hope this will help.

The Security Token Service is not available

I have installed SharePoint 2010 Beta on a Windows 2008 R2 server. central administrations -> Review problems and solutions: All Reports page was showing warning like :  “The Security Token Service is not available”.


1)       Verify the sequences of your installation as below:

  • Install hot fixes [Windows6.0-KB971831-x64]
  • Install SharePoint prerequisites from SharePoint setup splash screen [ This should ask for machine restart ]
  • Install SharePoint 2010 beta.

2)                  If your sequence matches with (1) then you might have not restarted your machine after above installation. So restart your machine and check again the error/warning message stated above should now disappeared.