How to hide/unhide list using SharePoint Designer 2010

How to hide a list in Designer:

In List settings-> General Settings

1)         Uncheck option “Display this list on quick launch”. [This is necessary]

2)         Check the “Hide from browser”.

3)         Save the list.

Open it SharePoint site in browser and check that your list is hidden now.

How to open hidden list and unhide it in Designer:

1)      Open SharePoint designer 2010.

2)      Click the “All Files” folder at the bottom in left pane.

3)      Right click your hidden list from “All Files -> Lists” folder and choose property.

4)      Now you have your hidden list open in SPD.

5)      In List settings-> General Settings: Uncheck the “Hide from browser” and save.

11 thoughts on “How to hide/unhide list using SharePoint Designer 2010

  1. 1 question pleaze. OK with hidding the list. After updating the list by addinn records, using an Infopath form i created, the list pops up….can you help me on that?

  2. Since some people have asked this. The way to unhide is to go to the external content type, highlight the list, click the Go To List button from the ribbon. From there, you get the standard SP list edit form, where you can unhide the list.

    Looking at the list in All Files won’t allow you go do this.

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