SharePoint 2010: get All checked out documents report with checkedOut column


How to achieve a report to retrieve All checked out documents in site collection with Checked out column.
I hope this help you to understand choosing right approach to solve your problem.


Content and Structure Reports
Lets start with what SharePoint gives in-Built option – Content and Structure Reports.
These are really good, ready to use reports. You can customize the filter condition here but no option to customize the report columns.
Checked Out To Not Equal to and you are done for getting all checked out documents.
But if you need to choose the ‘checked out to whom’, then this will not work.
Lets look at to SSRS (SQL SERVER Reporting Service) with SharePoint :
You will get full customization for filter condition and report columns also.
But it is limited to one list/library. So this will also not work for our problem.
Content Query Web Part
Content query web part is the right choice for this problem.
Few reference to start with this:
Your Custom webPart
This will give you full control to everything.
To solve our problem you will need to use SPSiteDataQuery.

Hope that helps…

9 thoughts on “SharePoint 2010: get All checked out documents report with checkedOut column

  1. I am just so greatful for all the effort you put into helping me solve this issue. May the best karma be bestowed upon thee!

  2. Guys guys guys…..
    Go to Site Settings…Manage content and structure….
    In the default view that lists all documents select the view Checked Out to Me.


  3. I don’t have access to many of these features — but here’s what I did to find out what documents are checked out.

    1. Create a view that includes the column “Checked Out To”
    2. Click on “Actions” -> “Export to Spreadsheet”. When prompted, save the file.
    3. By default, a file called owssvr.iqy was created
    4. Double-click the file, click through the security warning, view data in a table and a new workbook (or whatever) and click ok.
    5. Voila – the data is in Excel and you can filter, sort, etc. to see who has items checked out.

  4. This is great and works well for the current user that is signed in. How do you set it up to get all users Checked Out To documents. Or the Draft documents because they have never been checked in?

  5. Will this work across an entire site collection? That is what I really want, not just for a site and its subsites but top down, every page I’ve touched that is still checked out.

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