Attention : A bug in Outlook 2013 preview while syncing with SharePoint 2013 preview Calendar

I was looking at what are new and trying few things with Office and SharePoint preview.

Here is something I would like to draw an attention for MS guys working on Preview stuff.

OK so what I have done;  I had opened my SharePoint 2013 preview calendar in to Outlook 2013 preview calendar. Things are Ok like dates-subject etc. But the description of appointments are messed up on sync with  some Chinese characters as shown in the images below.

Creating a new appointment in outlook preview :


After Sync How does it look in SharePoint 2013 preview:



In Outlook – after Sync :


If you update an entry from Outlook or create a new one and then follow the Sync, you should be able to reproduce this bug.

Here is how to reproduce this bug:

  1. Update/Create calendar entry in Outlook 2013 preview
  2. Sync calendar with SharePoint
  3. Open item in SharePoint
  4. In SharePoint calendar : The description gets corrupted with some chinese characters
  5. Go to outlook check the item – it does look ok
  6. Sync again in outlook
  7. Open the item again and see it gets corrupted in outlook also.