Browsers supported by NAPA tools Office 365 preview

This is an initial Draft for my experience of NAPA (*preview *) tools with different browsers.

I have been using NAPA now and then since almost a month but only with IE9.

Today I decided to try out a few other browsers and below is the outcome for me.

IE (9.0.8112.16421): As I said, NAPA works like a charm….!! 🙂

Safari (5.1.7) : Unsupported Browser error as following

on web –> Unsupported browser

on iPad -> Unsupported browser (expected ..!!)

NAPA is truly brilliant idea and execution !! I would just dream of using NAPA on my iPad  if it worked in safari ?? OR Do I have to buy windows 8 tablet for that ?? 😛


Firefox  (14.0.1) :  very slow… a long pause with the below message & then my browser crash…!! [tried this scenario about 3-4 times including restart ]

So I guess there is a support for Firefox but something is not working properly..!!


Chrome (21.0.1180.89) :  NAPA works fine here too..!!

Please share your experience and views on this.

P.S. There may be update(s) on more findings about other  & above browsers !!

================= UPDATE : (added on 11 Sept 2012) : START  ================

Firefox 15.0.1: NAPA tools works absolutely fine.

I still have Firefox 14.0.1 on my other machine  (I may try to find error message or any log file later for it ) ….  But upgrading to the latest version for any browser should be the best practice.

I see NAPA as an opportunity to develop *anywhere* if you got the supported browser and internet of course 😛

As Mark says (referring to the comments for this post) NAPA will work with Windows 8 ( tablet ? ) with IE10 which is great !! ( you can experience IE10 RTM with Windows 8 or with windows server 2012, it’s not available for direct access otherwise at the moment  )

As I remember Mozilla has rejected the idea of crafting a version of Firefox for the iOS ( iPhone/iPad ) long time ago; and NAPA *preview* does not support safari itself … so I guess no NAPA on iPad; But for Android there is a version of Firefox and so I guess NAPA should work there..!!

Even though I am not a big fan of Safari web browser, I think making it work in apple & android tablets (*Usability*) would be definitely worth it.

I am not sure it is designed to work with tablets but I will give a try with Windows 8 tablet (don’t have one yet ) & firefox on Android. So stay tune for next update 🙂

Oh and don’t miss the comments for this post.

================ UPDATE : (added on 11 Sept 2012) : END ================

I have created a thread at microsoft forum for this : ; Please give your feedback there to help making the product better.


7 thoughts on “Browsers supported by NAPA tools Office 365 preview

  1. Hi Aanu

    Thanks a lot for trying the Office 365 “Napa” Development Tools preview over the last month – it’s great to hear you like it!

    I’m on the “Napa” team and can tell you we do currently support Internet Explorer 9 (or, if you have Windows 8 already, Internet Explorer 10), as well as Chrome (latest version – I’m currently using 21.0.1180.89 m successfully), and FireFox (I’m using 15.0.1 successfully, but 14.0.1 worked for me too).

    If you’re having trouble with one of the browsers listed above working with Napa, we would like to hear from you – please post on the forum at or and we’ll get in touch to figure out why. If you can gain access to Napa via another browser, you could also use the built-in feedback feature (the big smiley face in the top right) to get in touch.

    Thanks again for using “Napa”!

    Mark Wilson-Thomas
    Program Manager, Office 365 “Napa” Development Tools Team

    1. Thanks Mark for the comment and wonderful tool “NAPA”!!
      Yes, NAPA is working fine on Firefox 15.0.1
      I see NAPA as an opportunity to develop *anywhere* if you got the supported browser.
      Please read the update section for more feedback 🙂


  2. Thanks for the kind comments about “Napa”, Aanu; I look forward to hearing about the apps you’re building with Napa, and the experiences you have doing so too, if you are able to share.

    I’d re-iterate that if anyone is having trouble with one of the supported browsers, they should get in touch with us via the channels listed above so we can work out what’s going wrong.

    As far as support for other browsers is concerned, we are interested to hear the feedback of the developer community on this and any topic related to Napa, also via the channels listed above.


    1. You are welcome Mark..!! I wish I can share about the Apps I’m building now but …it’s just too sensitive to discuss!! .. Though I will keep sharing my experience about Office365 and NAPA 🙂 !!

      I am mainly a traditional (Visual Studio ) developer but … I find NAPA as a great tool to make changes on the go with using just browser and I use it very frequently ..!! I will definitely add a thread at Microsoft forums about the experience of NAPA.

      I understand its hard to support all the browsers and not feasible as well. Personally I see IE, Firefox & Safari as main browsers for most of my clients and friends; Although Safari is annoying me ( as a developer ) , this is required mainly to support iPad & iPhone users ( and I’m one of them 😛 ).

      I guess if NAPA is designed to work with tablets as well then Safari can’t be ignored else that’s Ok.

      All the best to the development team there and convey my hi5 🙂

      Will keep you posted if I will find something interesting..!!


    1. > I’m currently programming but am interested in ‘napa’ environment.


      I’m currently programming in VBA but am interested in ‘napa’ environment.

  3. hi i am working sharepoint 2013, bt the problem was IE9 also not support to Napa development tool, please can u suggest to change any IE9 setting for napa tool.

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