Article 6 from 30 : Benefits of SharePoint 2013 App Model with an Entrepreneur’s eye

This post is article-6 from the 30 Articles App series for SharePoint.

No I am not going to compare the App model with traditional solutions and tell what you can or you can’t …. That’s your fight..  Go win it!! (We may explore this in future..!!  🙂 )

I don’t say that farm and sandboxes solution have any less importance or they are going away from our SharePoint world. They are still heroes and they will be when time comes.

My aim for today’s article is to convey the message about how much the App model in SharePoint is powerful for business and how much value it can add for everyone involved in this SharePoint world…!!

Small or Big business (SharePoint End-users – The Consumers ) :
They can now have super easy way to get the custom solution they want from App Market aka Office store.
They will not face any hidden charge for the development.
They can get instant access to whatever they buy and install it:) (Zero waiting time )
They need to hire less It and dev staff if they are happy with what’s available

Entrepreneurs (Individuals and team => App developers + Architects ) :
They can approach to the Target customers via App Store
This will help saving a lot of efforts in sales and marketing.
There is no head-ache for requirement changing horrors.
Better chance with more flexibility to execute their dreams

IT Guys ( SharePoint admins) :
They can trust the Microsoft’s Approval process that approved App will not damage their farm.
Safely deploy and add/upgrade this little extension (an App) to their SP environment.
Less worry for Upgrade and *Environmental* issues
Anytime they think that the Apps are crap or no more useful now, they can delete the app web and all those junk will be into the bin..

NON-SharePoint programmers:
Guys, yes the world is getting smaller and there is still space to welcome more competitors 😉 in the community.
So the new App Model will allow non-SharePointers [ web-developer, Js developer, you bet Open Source Dev hell yeah ;)] to enter and create some charm.


One more thing I will add on this which is personal thought :

“You have to have a very strong vision for what you want to achieve in the end to get most out of this App Model.”

I hope you have enjoyed today’s article and it has added some value to your reading.