Article 18 from 30 : Tenancies and app scope for SharePoint Apps

This post is article 18 from the 30 Articles App series for SharePoint

In this article, I will discuss about tenancy , app scope and how does that affect the app.

What is Tenancy?

A Tenancy in SharePoint 2013 is a set of site collections.

In SharePoint Online (ex. O365 SharePoint environment) this set of site collections belong to a single customer account.

For on-premise, it could be all of the site collections from the web application, some of it or it can be from multiple web applications as well.

A tenancy can have an app for SharePoint app catalog just as a SharePoint web application can.

What is App Scope?

Tenant administrators can decide the app scope for an app either tenant scope or web scope.

App scope is neither the feature scope nor the app permission levels used while developing the app.

If the app is uploaded to the SharePoint app catalog of a tenancy, it is available to all the websites within that tenancy. It can be installed website-by-website basis. App installed this way have web scope.

If Tenant administrator batch install the app to a subset of websites within the tenancy, then the apps have the tenant scope. Tenant administrator can decide on which websites within the tenancy the app can be installed.

The interesting part comes here 🙂

If an app that includes an app-web is batch-installed, only one app web is created and it is shared by all the host websites on which the app is installed. The app web is located in the site collection of the corporate app catalog.

So you as an app-developer cannot decide the app scope. Only the tenant admin can choose the app scope by choosing the relevant deployment method for the app.