Article 22 from 30 : Troubleshooting Provider-Hosted App

This post is article 22 from the 30 Articles App series for SharePoint

In this article I will be discussing about basic guidelines on troubleshooting tips for provider hosted apps. I assume that you already has good understanding of provider hosted app and how to develop one.

Below are some steps you should consider to look into when you run into problems:

(1)    Make sure your remote web is already up and running before you deploy your app.

(2)    Make sure all the service are up and running and they have valid listening endpoints if you are using any remote receivers.

(3)    Make sure that you have valid client id in App manifest file, which must be exactly same as client id in your remote web’s web.config file

(4)    Make sure the client id is in lowercase in (3).

(5)    Make sure you have registered your app with SharePoint. You can register your app from Appregnew.aspx  page. It is available via following url : https://SPServer/Sites/AnySiteCollection/_layouts/15/Appregnew.aspx

Store the client id and secret and use that in (3)


(6)    When you are deploying your app to office store you can generate client id, Client Secret from office seller-board.

(7)  Make sure your app has all the necessary permission.

Troubleshooting tips continues for Hight-Trust provider hosted app in next article.

Hope that helps..!!