ProConnect app wins first place for Most Business Value at spc14 app awards sharepoint

Link to official Press Release at PRweb

ProSigma took home two prizes at app awards SharePoint Conference 2014 at Las Vegas with our app ProConnect  winning 1st place in Most Business Value SharePoint category and awarded 2nd place in Most Interesting SharePoint Scenario category. The awards honour innovative and high-quality productivity apps dedicated to enhancing Microsoft Office 365 or SharePoint.

“We are thrilled to receive these awards and delighted to be recognized as a leader in this space. We are boosting innovation and adoption of cloud-based solutions. We are committed to bring out increasing business value and the best experience through ProConnect . ” said Analben Mehta, Founder and CEO  at ProSigma.

ProConnect  won first place for “Most Business Value”

The Most Business Value SharePoint category was selected by a panel of Microsoft judges, who based their decision on two criteria: 75 percent on Productivity and 25 percent on Relevance to Platform.



Proconnect also won 2nd place for “Most Interesting Scenario”

The Most Interesting SharePoint Scenario category was selected by a panel of Microsoft judges, who based their decision on two criteria: 75 percent on the app’s relevance to the platform and 25 percent on app performance.



ProConnect is a secured location based business networking application that helps you keep in touch with your colleagues anywhere! It is an interactive Microsoft SharePoint 2013 app that allows users to create and share location based contents within organizations. It also offers creating and maintaining places of user’s choice. This app also brings near-by location information and updates.

ProConnect also comes with supporting free smartphone mobile application for users to stay connected while on the move.

See the links below for more details:

Office store link for ProConnect

Windows phone store link for Mobile Client

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ProConnect Team


Introducing ProConnect – now available in office and windows phone store

I am very pleased to share news with you that “ProConnect” is officially launched and is now available in both office and windows phone store.

Last year, I discovered a need for enterprise level location rich business networking application. I had my vision about what ProConnect will be. I gave myself a challenge to make it reality and have been working on this since then. ProConnect also got very good interests from some of ProSigma’s clients, finally I decided to take it to the next level and make it available to all users‏ from the Office and windows phone store. Today, I am very happy to present you ProConnect.

ProConnect is a secured location based business networking application that helps you keep in touch with your colleagues anywhere!

It is a subscription based service which also offers 1 month free trial.

To discover more and start using ProConnect please go to the office store, install the application, activate your free trial and explore!

ProConnect also comes with supporting windows mobile application for free for you to stay connected while on the move.

ProConnect Features:
• Create, store and share location based updates with your colleagues using checkin
• Create and manage places of interests such as company’s offices, recommended hotels and restaurants, client’s offices, meeting places, conference venues etc.
• Follow places and people and stay in touch with their most recent updates
• Receive real-time notifications of checkin activities
• See your real-time location on the map and find your near-by colleagues and places
• Highly interactive mapping user- interface using open source library
• On the go access on windows phone app.
• Complete peace of mind having all your data at your server (ProConnect store checkin updates in SharePoint lists at your servers)

Office store link :

Windows phone store link :

Visit store link to get more details on ProConnect features.

Please visit if you have any query or suggestion related to ProConnect.

Also, feel free to contact for more details on ProConnect.

Stay tuned, more coming soon…

30 Articles series for Apps development for SharePoint

With new release of SharePoint 2013, I guess every sharepointer can now endeavor to develop their own apps.

This post is an announcement to tell you that I am going to write a series of 30 articles for developing Apps for SharePoint.

The aim for this series is to help building Apps and here I will focus on some development and design issues of Apps for SharePoint.

I have no plans how I will arrange the series but if you want to join this journey then stay tuned. I only wish that we all have some fun, some learning and we end up creating some amazing Apps.

I will be picking interesting questions from twitter, Facebook page, emails and questions from Microsoft forums as well.

I am inviting you all to share your opinions and expertise on any relevant subjects so this series gets more interesting.

Let’s Begin then

Article – 1: An insight to Apps and App Model in SharePoint 2013

Understand what an App Model for SharePoint 2013 is.

Article – 2: Behind the scene : Configure App Domain for on-premise SharePoint 2013 development environment

Get ready with your development environment.

Article – 3: How to get an App from Office Store for on-premise SharePoint 2013 environment

get some free Apps from the official App store and have fun 😀

Article – 4: Understanding default template for SharePoint hosted Apps

Article – 5: Deploying an App to SharePoint 2013 and dealing with deployment issue aka preview bug.

Article – 6: Benefits of SharePoint 2013 App Model with an Entrepreneur’s eye

Article – 7: What is TypeScript? Shall I use it for SharePoint 2013 Apps?

Article – 8: Creating an App-Part for SharePoint 2013 Apps

Article – 9: Is it possible to create Mobile App for the SharePoint 2013 app web?

Article – 10: Creating an Custom Action for SharePoint 2013 Apps

Article – 11: Understanding default template for provider-hosted and Auto-hosted apps

Article – 12: How to use MVC web project for auto-hosted and provider-hosted SharePoint apps

Article – 13: How to use Chrome Control for SharePoint app

Article – 14: System account can not deploy or purchase an app in SharePoint 2013 RTM

Article – 15: Configuring Server to Server High Trust for provider hosted apps

Article – 16: Using Remote Receivers to handle app events

Article – 17: Using Remote Receivers to handle spappweb list/listItems events

Article – 18: Tenancies and app scope for SharePoint Apps

Article – 19: Understanding Cross Domain calls

Article – 20: Implementing Cross Domain calls

Article – 21: What can be included in SharePoint App?

Article – 22: Troubleshooting Provider-Hosted App

Article – 23: Troubleshooting High-Trust App

Article – 24: App permissions – I

Article – 25: App permissions – II

Article – 26: App authorization

Article – 27: updating an app

Article – 28: handling App Upgraded event

Article – 29: SPC14 summary on App Development

Article – 30: Licensing your app

Launching our company ProSigma Limited


I am very excited to share this news that we are launching our company “ProSigma Limited”. We are a small group of people passionate about Microsoft technologies and helping businesses and communities all over the world.

We aim to develop business ideas into reality with a strong and dedicated focus on SharePoint and .net  products and technologies.

I’m the Technical Director and the founder of ProSigma Limited want to welcome you all to get in touch with us via Facebook / Twitter / LinkedIn  or via our website to get updates about our upcoming products.