Installing SharePoint 2013 Preview and provisioning first site collection

You must be aware that Microsoft has just launched SharePoint 2013 preview one day ago. In this post I will discuss about how to install SharePoint Server 2013 Preview and at last we will create new site collection as well.

Step – 1:

Make sure that your system meets all minimum criteria for SharePoint Server 2013 system requirements :

Step – 2 :

Now start with getting SharePoint 2013 Server Preview. Download link , you should get product key in you email.

Step – 3 :

Run the setup file and install all prerequisite softwares.


step 4:

Once all prerequisite installer finished you should see following screen similar to below image


Step – 5:

Now start installing SharePoint 2013 Server Preview. Provide the product key from your email.


Leave the file location as default and click Install Now.



This will take a while so grab your tea or coffee now 🙂

step –  6:

SharePoint Configuration Wizard











Step – 7:

Once SharePoint Configuration finished it will open central administration




Our first site collection is ready to use now…


Hope that helps..!!

Installing SharePoint 2010

Follow the link below to install SharePoint 2010:

Setting Up the Development Environment for SharePoint 2010 on Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows Server 2008

You may find this video useful as well if you are installing SharePoint 2010 on Windows 7.

If you have got any error while installing; it is most likely because of you might have missed some prerequisite. So read the msdn article properly and let me know if you need any help.

If you got above error then you have not installed .net framework 3.5 which is mentioned for prerequisite for SharePoint 2010.

If you got above error then the MSSQL$SharePoint database service has not been created so to resolve this you could try repair option.

Go to control panel -> add/remove program -> choose SharePoint  -> right-click and select Repair.

For them who want to use local administrator account for central administration

During initial installation you will need to use domain administrator account: like domain\UserLoginname
Later on you can configure to use local admin account.
for more detail please read this post:

Happy Installing 🙂

SP2010 beta installation


This article is to describe detailed steps for SP 2010 beta installation.

  1. Install all hot fixes for Windows Server 2008 and SQL server 2008.
  2. Remove powershell feature from server. [  Start Server Manager and navigate to Features. Click Uninstall Features. Select Windows PowerShell and follow the directions to uninstall.] as this may create some problem at SP install.
  3. Install SharePoint 2010 Pre-Requisites. [at the end it will ask for restart ]
  4. Install SharePoint server 2010 and create new farm
  5. Now configure farm settings using SharePoint Central Administration.
  6. [Install Visual Studio 2010 if the development environment is required to be set on the same machine.]
  7. Install Office 2010 beta. [This should include SharePoint Designer]
  8. Install SDKs (Optional).

I hope these will be helpful for you. Feel free to share your suggestions/questions.