30 Articles series for Apps development for SharePoint

With new release of SharePoint 2013, I guess every sharepointer can now endeavor to develop their own apps.

This post is an announcement to tell you that I am going to write a series of 30 articles for developing Apps for SharePoint.

The aim for this series is to help building Apps and here I will focus on some development and design issues of Apps for SharePoint.

I have no plans how I will arrange the series but if you want to join this journey then stay tuned. I only wish that we all have some fun, some learning and we end up creating some amazing Apps.

I will be picking interesting questions from twitter, Facebook page, emails and questions from Microsoft forums as well.

I am inviting you all to share your opinions and expertise on any relevant subjects so this series gets more interesting.

Let’s Begin then

Article – 1: An insight to Apps and App Model in SharePoint 2013

Understand what an App Model for SharePoint 2013 is.

Article – 2: Behind the scene : Configure App Domain for on-premise SharePoint 2013 development environment

Get ready with your development environment.

Article – 3: How to get an App from Office Store for on-premise SharePoint 2013 environment

get some free Apps from the official App store and have fun 😀

Article – 4: Understanding default template for SharePoint hosted Apps

Article – 5: Deploying an App to SharePoint 2013 and dealing with deployment issue aka preview bug.

Article – 6: Benefits of SharePoint 2013 App Model with an Entrepreneur’s eye

Article – 7: What is TypeScript? Shall I use it for SharePoint 2013 Apps?

Article – 8: Creating an App-Part for SharePoint 2013 Apps

Article – 9: Is it possible to create Mobile App for the SharePoint 2013 app web?

Article – 10: Creating an Custom Action for SharePoint 2013 Apps

Article – 11: Understanding default template for provider-hosted and Auto-hosted apps

Article – 12: How to use MVC web project for auto-hosted and provider-hosted SharePoint apps

Article – 13: How to use Chrome Control for SharePoint app

Article – 14: System account can not deploy or purchase an app in SharePoint 2013 RTM

Article – 15: Configuring Server to Server High Trust for provider hosted apps

Article – 16: Using Remote Receivers to handle app events

Article – 17: Using Remote Receivers to handle spappweb list/listItems events

Article – 18: Tenancies and app scope for SharePoint Apps

Article – 19: Understanding Cross Domain calls

Article – 20: Implementing Cross Domain calls

Article – 21: What can be included in SharePoint App?

Article – 22: Troubleshooting Provider-Hosted App

Article – 23: Troubleshooting High-Trust App

Article – 24: App permissions – I

Article – 25: App permissions – II

Article – 26: App authorization

Article – 27: updating an app

Article – 28: handling App Upgraded event

Article – 29: SPC14 summary on App Development

Article – 30: Licensing your app